A downloadable Lightless

"A 2D metroidvania platformer where light is your weapon against a growing darkness"

A prototype for our Hollow Knight inspired game "Lightless".  It's also a continuation of our "Illumination of Gourd" game concept.

The game takes place in Moerk, a world covered in darkness without a sun, moon or stars to light up the world. In this world all living beings have an inner light shining out of them and illuminating the world around them. A creature's light is like their very soul and a powerful source of magic.

But a darkness grows in Moerk, as people disappear only to return as lightless and aggressive beasts attacking others on sight. 

No one knows why more and more people are losing their light but the fear of this unknown plague permeates the land and its people. Only one place seems safe from the growing darkness: Lys, the isolated and mysterious City of Light.

  • Fight and defeat lightless beasts.
  • Explore a peculiar world filled with platforming obstacles.
  • Use light-based magic to heal yourself or deal massive damage to enemies, but at the cost of your vision.

The game is compatible with keyboard, PS4- and Xbox-controller.

Art and animation by:
Katarina Ankjær Helstrup

Joseph Gignoux


Install instructions

Play the game by running the "GRG_IOG_2D.exe" file in the folder.


Lightless - Demo 1.2.zip 70 MB

Development log


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I'm loving Toothless' redesign ;)  It's super cute! <3


very nice :)


I love the prototype and I'm excited to follow this game closely, I belive this has great potential so I hope that it gets the attention it deserves ^-^


Nice game, I will try it again when it will be finish :) .